Uncapeable – Rowdy SS
1. You Already Know
2. Uncapeable
3. Come Clean
4. Window Seat
5. Thus Road

Let me tell you about honesty and what it sounds like.

an accompanying text by Rebecca Bellantoni

Let me tell you about honesty and what it sounds like.
It sounds like…
Drawn out and difficult. Freeing and upward into the spiral.

You’re honest with yourself and now comes the feelings. The questions of who, what and the answers come. They don’t allow you to obscure anymore, anymore.

You tell the truth and it falls into you and people and the hum of it vibrates through and out and pulls problems towards you but pushes the effects away.

Is this freedom?

It’s noisy. You didn’t expect that.
You scream. You didn’t expect that.
They scream. You didn’t expect that.

Honest and it’s lies of peace.

Everything is different. So not important. So go forward. So do it now. So, stop that.

The holes don’t matter anymore. You fall into
new fictions that lead to new you’s. You fall forward and scrap knees but you go forward.

Forward into unknowns.
Forward into love.
Forward into pains. Your own and others.
Forward to win.
Forward to loses.
Forward, forward, forward.