GLASS 2022

Kunstraum Niederoesterreich
4.6.2022 – 30.7.2022

Guest Curator: Frederike Sperling

site-specific installation

(glass, metal tubes, wire, water), sound, performance

Responding to the history, architecture, and various functions of the Palais Niederoesterreich, Rowdy SS has created a site-specific adaptation of his multi-faceted piece GLASS (2022). Unfolding as installation, sound, and performance, GLASS holds and releases different entangled rhythms and frequencies throughout the duration of the exhibition. At the centre of the gallery, a seemingly floating grid of over a hundred glass vessels appropriates the alignment of the Palais from an aerial perspective. Filled with water that reflects/refracts the shapes and colours of the surroundings, the glasses unhinge the heaviness of the gallery, make it seem weightless, and lift it out of its solidity. The tension inscribed into the installation, its minimal movements as well as its changing weights as a result of the vaporization of the liquid, reinstate the notion that all physical things hold energy and are, therefore, malleable. Building on this very idea, Rowdy SS has produced a new sound piece that both relates to and constitutes an energetic field with the energy in the sculpture and, in so doing, calls into existence a space in its own right – one that is charged, but weightless and invisible. 

Performance by Rowdy SS in collaboration with Rebecca Bellantoni
July 26, 2022, 7pm 

What does it mean to inscribe the body into a static system like the physical space? To inject its movements and noise, its irrationalities and unruly formations into heavy architecture, into the white stone walls of the white cube? Continuing his engagement with the gallery space at Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Rowdy SS presents the performance GLASS (2022) in collaboration with Rebecca Bellantoni. 
The performance constitutes an integral part of Rowdy SS’ multi-faceted and site-responsive eponymous installation currently on view: A multi-sensory constellation of a newly produced sound piece and a sculpture with over a hundred vessels filled with water that appropriate the alignment of the Palais Niederoesterreich, GLASS seeks to unhinge the heaviness of the gallery and foreground malleability and movement instead. 

Liminal Space Records curated by Frederike Sperling
tech team
Technician: Michael C.G. Schuch
Install team: Birgit Knoechl and Christoph Schirmer 
Production: Katrin Deutsch
Marketing: Nina Kohlbauer
Communication: Maximilian Steinborn
Art mediation: Laura Birschitzky
GLASS is organized as part of the group exhibition “LIMINAL SPACE RECORDS”.
supported by Danish Arts Foundation