Rowdy SS BALANCE 2021

Resilient Response Bruce Naumann

performance to camera with guest appearance by Rebecca Bellantoni

Rowdy SS occupies the Tate Modern Tanks and responds through installation, movement, sound and video works. Their rich multi-sensory responses encourage us to consider what it means to be human and resilient.

the artist explores the conversation between their work Balance (2018-present) and Nauman’s Walking in an Exaggerated Manner around the Perimeter of a Square, 1967-68, and explores ideas around identity, psychological states, behavioral codes, isolation, alienation, and human resilience amidst a pandemic. These themes thread through much of Bruce Nauman’s work yet take on deeper resonance and relevance at this moment in time.

This event is part of the Terra Foundation for American Art Series: New Perspectives.

Bruce Nauman: Resilient Responses curated by Annie Bicknell and Ese Onojeruo
Creative Direction: Rowdy SS
Filmmaker: Jerome Monott
DOP: Nick Street
Sound Recording: Andre Teresinha
Sound and Lighting Technicians: Chris Phelps, Dan Ali,
Paul Kelly, Michael Fisher
Editor: Rowdy SS
Sound: Rowdy SS

Bruce Nauman as part of the TERRA Foundation for American Art Series: New Perspectives, with additional support from Bruce Nauman Exhibition Supporters Circle, Tate Americas Foundation, Tate International Council and Tate Patrons