48hours :

Rowdy SS + Last Yearz Interesting Negro

to be open, to forge an opening, to allow possibility to inform probability.


less about the time period, more about the space. we go in when we know we can get out. we go out when we are sure we can find a way back in. 48hours is an evolving collaboration between Rowdy SS and Last Yearz Interesting Negro, which takes its name from its original premise.

48Hours : , as part of Now19 Festival, The Yard Theatre 2019




It is interesting to return to the piece in my mind days later: it exists in my memory like a kind of circle (a performance Mobius strip, maybe I heard that phrase again yesterday and was reminded of how much I love the image). But what I mean is, I cannot remember a beginning and end so much as a sense of continuity that can arrive back on itself.


I’ve been thinking a look about echoes and rhymes: ways of repeating but with difference as well as with cause and effect. This seems relevant. Also because both organise a relation in time, which is cause and effect but also perhaps less linear than that.


I appreciate the pulling of attention between you two. I appreciate when you pull one another around, physically and actually, it is like with the talking and counting that moves really barely under the soundscape: all of it, like the soundscape, seems to be on the edge or in between two clearer positions. Not just music or melody but also not just noise. But less a liminality, an idea I am sick of, but more a triangulation, an idea I am told I misunderstand but that I understand to mean when two points are used to understand a third. And, how are the idea of noise and the idea of music used to understand this third position which is not between them but is its own clearly occurring position even if I cannot wrap language around it: this is perhaps a metaphor for how I feel about all of it.


– Jane Frances Dunlop, extracts from comments on 48hours, 10 November 2017